We do not have hidden fees and surprise charges. In an effort to be 100% transparent, we have created this blog post that talks through the upgrades and extras we offer. Our packages are designed to include everything you need and the option to add on and customize your experience for the extras you want.

Additional Charges
Each package includes a designated number of meetings that are to take place in Hutchinson during our business hours at our venue Art’s Place from 9 AM – 2 PM on weekdays. Please inquire about our office days. Should you require us to travel to you, mileage will be added at .75 a mile.
– Additional meetings are $100 an hour. This includes site visits.
– Meetings not scheduled during our regular business hours are an additional $100. If you know your work schedule will not allow for you to meet during our business hours, please let us know before booking.
– Weekend meetings are not offered as we are scheduled with events unless they are scheduled during our Hitched in Hutch events. These meetings fill up fast. We will send you an invitation. It is first come first serve for those slots.
– Our packages are priced for venues that have a venue coordinator that will create your layout and manage the venue related expectations of your wedding. Tent weddings and events in barns/sheds/etc. are an additional +$500. This includes 1 site visit.
– Our decorating packages includes up to 20 seated tables. Each additional table is $10.
– The cost of flicker candles & batteries for our pillar candles will be added to your final invoice.
– We do not offer real candle options in our decor. This would fall into a custom order. Please inquire for details.
– If you prefer we return later than the designated time to tear down decor, there is $100 per additional hour charge. Keep in mind, tear down takes us 1.5-3 hours and must be completed when you dance is done to ensure you have all of your items.
– In the instance of outdoor weddings, we must tear down in the light. There may be a possibility for us to return to tear down the next day.
– If your venue is located more than 60 miles from Hutchinson and you have selected our Design and Style Package, we may require compensation for an overnight stay.
– We offer taking care of custom orders as an add on service. Please inquire about a quote. It starts at $100 an hour for our research finding the item, ordering, unpacking, prepping, assembling, cleaning and storing the item until you date. You are also welcome to order your items, but keep in mind they must be unpacked, cleaned and ready to be set up.
– Our design packages include the decorating of an altar and your aisle. In the instance we need to get a ladder, decorate an arch or drape, there is an additional fee.
– We will decorate both your ceremony(altar and aisle only) and reception when they are in the same place with our Design & Style Package. Additional charges may be added if they are not.
– We will not work in a tent that has not been set up by a professional that carries the proper insurance.
– It can save you money to set up your own tables and chairs. We will not assist with this in any capacity.
– We do not set up linens, dishes, cutlery, napkins, glasses, etc. This is typically handled by your caterer or family.
– We are not licensed caterers or bartenders, so under no circumstance will we handle food or alcohol. This includes setting up dessert displays, bussing tables, handling garbage, and any other food related tasks.
– We do not carry the proper licensing to handle alcohol. Under no circumstances will we assist with the setting up of a bar.
– We do not handle garbage.
– We are unable to do anything that requires a ladder or lift.
– We accept cash or checks.
– When we are onsite for more than 6 hours, we would appreciate being included in your meal. If not, we can add a meal stipend to your final bill.