Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking forward to hosting your event at Art’s Place. We’ve created this helpful list of FAQ’s, but if you have further questions please reach out to or call 320-234-2787 (ARTS).

We would love to show you around. Please check out our Facebook page for our next open house event. Private tours can be scheduled during the weekdays. We do not offer weekend and evening tours as the spaces are often occupied with events.

The Show Room:

  • 825 square feet
  • 2’ wide high top tables with black spandex linen (3)
  • 3’ round seated pub table (6)
  • Red banquet chairs (30)
  • 12’ built in granite buffet with 12 outlets
  • 10’ original built in wooden bookshelf for displays
  • 65” smart TV (technology add on required for use)
  • Original hardwood flooring
  • Garbage & recycling
  • Private entrance from 1st Ave. (South Entrance)

The Shop

  • 1054 square feet
  • 6’ round tables (6)
  • Industrial metal chairs (48)
  • 8’ buffet tables (2)
  • 7’ wine barrel bar
  • Sink & shelf behind wine barrel bar
  • Original concrete floor
  • Large barn fan
  • Garage door (option to open depending on weather)
  • Garbage & recycling
  • Private entrance from North parking lot (North entrance)

The Mezzanine

  • 7 lounge chairs
  • 8.5’ handmade table with 8 chairs
  • Large sink
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Large mirror
  • Garbage & recycling
  • Accessible by staircase in The Shop

The Glass Room

  • 576 square feet
  • Industrial metal chairs (40)
  • 6’ round tables (5)
  • 8’ buffet table (1)
  • 65” smart TV (technology add on required for use)
  • Vintage chalkboard
  • Original concrete flooring
  • Ceiling sound buffers
  • Garbage & recycling
  • Private Handicap accessible bathroom
  • The Show Room: 40 guests with upgraded layout
  • The Shop: 72 seated guests with upgraded layout
  • The Mezzanine: 15 seated guests in standard layout
  • The Glass Room: 40 seated guests in standard layout

Yes, please inquire how this could be accommodated for each space. Each room has a fire code regulation of which we need to be mindful.

  • Read through our brochures & contract..
  • Send an email to with which package, date, time, (keep in mind set up and tear down time) the space(s) you are interested in & any additional add on/upgrade items.
  • If available, we will send you a contract through email & an invoice through Quickbooks with your non-refundable deposit  amount to secure your date. You have 7 days to return BOTH your contract and deposit or your date is forfeited. We will not reach out to you about the expiration of your contract. If something comes up, please communicate this to us or your date will be released without notification to you.
  • You can sign the contact online and email it to or print it and mail it to:
    Compass Occasions
    1287 Denver Ave SW
    Hutchinson MN 55350
  • 1 month before your event date, your final payment is due. If you book less than a month from your date, payment is due in full.

Monday through Thursday, we have a 3-hour minimum for events. We make an exception for recurring meetings during the week.

Friday through Sunday, we have a minimum of a 5-hour block.

Yes, please make sure to include enough time for set up and tear down. The spaces are rented by the hour. As outlined in our contract, if you are late leaving the space, we charge $50 per half hour per space if you extend past your rental time.

You are allowed access 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your event. Please keep in mind you need to include time for setting up and tear down of your event. We typically recommend and hour for each. We only rent in full hour increments, so no ½ or ¼ hour options.

Yes, we have 4 available spaces, so please be aware other events could be happening at the same time if you have not rented the entire building. Keep in mind, you will be able to hear the other events and may share a bathroom.

There are two entrances to the building: the north entrance opens into the Shop and the south entrance opens into the Show Room. Each room on the main level can be closed off from the others with a sliding barn door.

You would need to be cleaned up and all guests out of the building no later than midnight. We recommend ending your party at 11:00 PM to allow time for cleanup.

  • Please visit the Mezzanine, Kitchen and Patio page for detailed listings of those upgraded items
  • Technology package
    • You will have access to our smart TV, microphone, and speaker system to play music. You need to bring your own device and streaming service.
  • Room layout/alteration
    • Each room price is listed at the DIY level which means they are set as is. In the event you wish to have a room altered or upgraded with more seating, the charge starts at $100 per room. Please inquire for a quote.
  • Linens/Decor
    • You can add black or white lines for $10 each for the seated tables and black linens for the buffet tables. They do not come pressed.
    • All high-top tables include black spandex linens.

Linens are not included. You can add black or white lines for $10 each for the seated tables and black linens for the buffet tables. They do not come pressed. All high top tables include a black spandex linen.

We offer Venmo, cash, or check as options for payment. Venmo must be paid in full and there is a fee.

Can I bring in my own food?

  • Yes, you are welcome to. Please consider renting our prep kitchen.

Can I bring in a caterer?

  • Yes, we have a recommended list if you are interested. You may be required to rent the kitchen depending on the caterer’s needs.

Can I do a food truck?

  • Yes, there may be an additional fee as special permits are required in certain circumstances. Please inquire.

We have a small fridge that likely will not accommodate bakery boxes, so please make other arrangements to keep desserts at the desired temperature. Homemade desserts and bakery desserts are both welcome in our venue!

Art’s Place does not have an ice machine, but we have a small freezer in our prep kitchen that can hold up to five 20 gallon bags of ice. To have access to the freezer, you must rent the kitchen.

Bar Option 1:

Beer, Wine, Champagne, Seltzers, Canned Cocktails (Canned Cocktails must be under 6%)

You are welcome to purchase them yourself and give them away. You are not permitted to sell any product you buy. Only a licensed company is able to sell alcohol on the premises.

Bar Option 2:

Hard Alcohol (Ex. Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, etc.) to serve hard alcohol, you must hire a licensed bar service.

If you would like to have a bar service bring in everything you need for your bar (alcohol, mixers, ice, cups + bartender) locally, we recommend MSSB, BWW, and Flank Steakhouse.

If you would prefer to buy your own alcohol and hire a licensed bartender to serve your drinks we would recommend Minnesota School of Bartending or With a Twist.

We love events with music!

  • Please inquire as you may need to rent the entire building for a DJ or a band.
  • All music needs to be done by 11pm. No exceptions!
  • If you have a large band, please consider that you may need to be done earlier for the band will likely need more than an hour to clean up.
  • All guests and vendors must be out by midnight.

When adding on our technology package, you have access to the smart TV in your rented space(s).

You may choose to additionally add the sound system to your technology package, however Art’s Place has only 1 sound system, which includes a microphone, so this is available on a first come first serve basis.


All events in Art’s Place

Events with an invite list of less than 50 people that are providing their own beer, wine, champagne, seltzers, canned cocktails (canned cocktails must be under 6%) will need to sign the alcohol waiver but are not required to obtain the recommended event insurance.

Link to waiver:


Events with an invite list of over 50 people that are providing their own beer, wine, champagne, seltzers, canned cocktails (canned cocktails must be under 6%)

Event Insurance Option 1:

You can choose to add to your homeowners insurance policy for a 1-day event. You must list Compass Occasions on the insurance form and send it to us before your event. This is the most cost-effective option, however not all insurance companies/carriers offer this option.

Event Insurance Option 2:

You can apply for a separate 1-day event insurance policy that is separate from your homeowners insurance policy. Most insurance companies/carriers offer this as an option. If your insurance company/carrier does not offer this option, a local option is Citizens Bank Insurance who can be reached at 320-587-2674.

There is street parking on 1st Ave. The parking lot on the North side of the building is also a public lot. The parking lot SW of the building (Parking lot for Park Elementary) is available evenings and weekends. We are not responsible for vehicles in any of these areas. Please be aware of signage and only park overnight where permitted. There is a map below.

Art’s Place
35 1st Ave. SW
Hutchinson MN 55350

Please note, you may have a specific door assigned to your event in the instance that multiple events are happening. We have them labeled:
The Show Room (South Entrance)
The Shop (North Entrance)

A separate check will need to be made out to Compass Occasions for security deposits. The deposit starts at $500 and will increase depending on guest count, hours in the venue, and if alcohol is being served.

Some examples are:

  • when guest number exceeds 100 people
  • when you are providing your own beer, wine, champagne, seltzers, and/or canned cocktails
  • for all weddings
  • events going until midnight

We will notify you within 48 hours if any amount of your retainer is not going to be returned due to damages or excess cleaning requirements. We will return the remaining portion within one week.

If no damages occur, we will either notify you that we are going to shred the check or allow you to pick up the check within one week at Art’s Place during our business hours.

Please refer to your contract for more details of what is not allowed in Art’s Place.

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs/Drug paraphernalia
  • Confetti/Glitter or Balloons containing confetti/glitter
  • Helium Balloons
  • All Feather Boas (if used, you must clean up)
  • Food or Drink Fountains
  • Rice or birdseed
  • Drones
  • Candles with real flame
  • Sparklers (NOT inside)
  • Smoke machines
  • Nails, screws, tacks, staples, 3M strips
  • Tape (only approved adhesive is blue painters tape)
  • Smoking/Vaping (only allowed in designated smoking areas outside)

DIY Package:

  • You will receive an email the week of your event outlining check in. You will be provided a code or the doors will unlock 10 min before your event start time. Please remind your guests if they arrive early, doors may be locked.
  • No Compass Occasions employee will be onsite for assistance.

Celebration Package:

  • You will receive an email the week of your event. A Compass Occasions employee will arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your event to unlock all doors.
  • The Compass Occasions employee will remain onsite to assist for the first hour of your rental.

Please inquire about event assistance as you may be able to pay an additional amount to have someone at Art’s Place during your event.

  • For the DIY package, no Compass Occasions employees will be on-site for assistance.
  • Included in the Celebration package, an employee will be available for assistance for the first hour.

We will provide you with an emergency contact should you have questions.

If you need the temperature adjusted, please text the phone number listed by the thermostat.

We will provide a detailed check in and check out list the week of your event. It is also located above the light switches in the Shop and Show Room.

We do not reschedule events in the event of inclement weather. Unfortunately, your payment is forfeited.

Please review our COVID-19 preparedness plan.

No, as of 6/1/21 masks are no longer required. This could change, so please check the MN Department of Health for updates as we reflect the governor’s orders.

Please refer to our contract. Deposits/retainers/payments to Compass Occasions are never refunded. 50% of your total bill is required for all rentals of Art’s Place to secure your date as a non-refundable deposit. Each of our services also require 50% non-refundable deposits. (ie: decor, planning, add ons, ala carte)


Parking is located on the North side of the building in the city lot closest to our building. Please be aware of signage that indicates otherwise. Signage also indicates spots for overnight parking. Parking is also available on the South side of the building on 1st. Ave.

The parking lot for Park Elementary to the south west of the building is also available.